Close to Athens Near to Paradise

We live in a time when everything around us runs while we try to reach them we forget the beauty that is near and they are waiting for us. Οne morning I left everything behind to go and discover a beach for which i have heard so many flattery words!!! Next stop Sounio Attica Lets … Continue reading Close to Athens Near to Paradise


Camping Skopelos

Οne of the most famous ways to get close to nature is camping. There are several beaches on the island where you can camp but with the new law in Greece which prohibits free camping  is important to be careful. SKOOPELOS MAP  I don't present  beaches on the south side of the island ( Kastani, … Continue reading Camping Skopelos

Discover Skopelos With Canoe Kayak

Τhe most exciting way to explore an island is with a canoe. My Canoe Kayak (ExplorerK2) So I decided to do it. Just summer. I bought the canoe. It is very good (VFM) for the money it costs, however, there are much better on the market. I thought for the beginning I did not want … Continue reading Discover Skopelos With Canoe Kayak

Fishing With Canoe Kayak Skopelos

One of the most popular adventures on the island is fishing. There are many ways to fish on the island, I choose it with a canoe. The advantage of this choice is that you can approach the point where you can fish easily and with minimal cost.   Limnonari Beach Glossa-Skopelos Point Poordinates it's time to get … Continue reading Fishing With Canoe Kayak Skopelos

Next Stop Skopelos

in this post, I will show the way from the hell of the city to my own paradise next  Stop Skopelos!! There are several ways to get to the island. I choose the quickest and most cheap, because I don't have much time nor a lot of money. So I choose Κimasi the port of … Continue reading Next Stop Skopelos

Travel To Egypt Part2 Cairo- Sinai

  An adventure starts. From Cairo to the monastery of the Saint Catherine, climb to the top of the mountain in order to see the sunrise in the morning . 15:39 Cairo  We, the driver and the van are ready to start During the trip the security measures were very strict. The army that protects the … Continue reading Travel To Egypt Part2 Cairo- Sinai

Travel to Egypt Part1 Cairo

02/10/2017 Traveling To Egypt. Is it safe? As I visited Cairo, I realized that a tourist may feel secure in this city. It only requires a few hours to adjust into the city's life and atmosphere. View from my Room Then it was time to look for some good local dish to eat. (Avoid vegetables, … Continue reading Travel to Egypt Part1 Cairo

Quick Excursion in South Evia Greece Part2

Then it was time to leave from Mount Ochi (14.02) Our excursion continued until our next stop at Epanochorion (Επανωχώρι) Actually we were looking for the village's water springs. According to the local people, these water running is very cold at summer and warm at winter. Behind us, Mount Ochi (14.32) I hope we come … Continue reading Quick Excursion in South Evia Greece Part2

Quick Excursion in South Evia Greece Part1

Α hot and adventurous Saturday morning, my friend Kostas and I, started our journey from Attica to South Evia. Throughout our trip we were honored to be accompanied by a motorcycle Legend One Translalp 600-1993. Our next stop was Aghia Marina (loc. 38.180602, 24.059336) 8:30pm From that point we boarded on the ferry boat to … Continue reading Quick Excursion in South Evia Greece Part1